Who we are

Engineers and Cultivators

Ingrow is an engineering office, a spin-off of a corporate group with 30 years of experience in multiple areas, that provides consultancy and all technical services related to Controlled Environment Agriculture. Our team comprises years of growing experience, designing, installing and maintaining cultivation systems from small to large scale. We integrate the latest developments in plant science with the best available technology in order to provide optimal conditions for plant growth, production efficiency and growers' security.
Our offer includes advisory and engineering services from early beginning of your project all the way to the moment your system is operating.

  • Vertical farming
  • Greenhouses
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Software and Automation
  • Modular Structures
  • HVACD and Irrigation

We Take Care of Your Technology ... Focus on Growing

Since 2018 we have been advising pioneer Portuguese companies into the strategies of controlled environment agriculture. We offer trust and tailored selection of equipments & brands so that you get only what you need!

What we do

We evolve agriculture

We develop cultivation systems for the present and the future, bringing in the technology needed to overcome the challenges created by climate changes, increasing demand and broken distribution chains. We evolve agriculture.

With Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) we are able to grow plants all year-round independently of climate conditions on the exterior. This also enables growing plants in the city and urban areas using vertical farming, resulting in delivering the freshest products to consumers.

CEA aims to provide the optimal overall conditions for each grow, which enables higher productions per square meter. It also minimizes the risk of current conventional agriculture and delivering more control to the grower. This applies to vertical farming, greenhouses and outdoor precision agriculture.

Using different sensors and software we can feel the instant conditions around plants, providing knowledge on factors that are negatively impacting growth. With full control on nutrition, light, temperature, humidity and air flow, plants grow stronger and faster with no need of herbicides or pesticides. It is always smart to plan ahead and be sure to keep these factors in check. This can be done with good engineering, dimensioning and elaborating detailed procedures.

From leafy greens and horticulture to medicinal herbs, hemp and cannabis, let us help you increase your yields.