lettuce CEA

There are many factors such as productivity & predicatibility , environmental impact concerns, logistics, lower risks, specialty crops and proximity to consumer, land and water scarcity.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) aims to provide the finest overall conditions for each crop and to keep it that way, which enables higher and faster productions per m2. This area of future agriculture aims to take out the risk of current conventional agriculture and deliver more control to the grower. This applies to all indoor cultivation, vertical farming, greenhouses and outdoor precision agriculture.

CEA is deep knowledge of plant needs and the right practices to deliver them

By having a correctly sized greenhouse and cultivation system (either indoor or outdoor) we are able to grow plants all year-round independently of climate conditions on the exterior. Using different sensors and software we can feel the instant conditions around plants and so, provide the missing factors that are negatively impacting growth. With full control on nutrition, light, temperature, humidity and air flow, plants grow stronger and faster with no need of herbicides or pesticides.

CEA brings agriculture to the city and urban areas by enabling any free unproductive space to become a powerful greenhouse with harvests right next to the final consumer. The freshness of the product at sale is unmatchable with current distribution lines.

Some say the main cons of this pioneering growing strategy is the need for a higher initial investment and huge energy consumption. While this is somewhat true, the initial investment, if well made, can be paid faster and with greater predictability than the current open field conventional farming of vegetables. CEA farmers can set their harvests to match times of less offer and higher demand making them more valuable, farmers also gain the ability of exploring specialty crops, reviving non-GMO seeds. Once you have all the tools, it is a whole world of opportunities to explore! While in terms of energy usage it is also somewhat a myth, this is because that extra energy you may consume (pumps, fans, maybe lights and other motors) is being transformed into a highly marketable product and not being wasted in any manner!

We are based on the current standard quality certificates, but we want to take your crops much further!