Cannabis plant flower

Cannabis Cultivation

The world has awakened to the potential of the Cannabis plant. To

Are all crops suitable for vertical farming?

In theory yes… in practice no! Vertical farming will not be able

Greenhouses: an introduction

Greenhouses (GH) are structures that help create a controlled environment while also

CEA – Equipment & Tools

Controlled Environment Agriculture requires some equipment to achieve its benefits, even tough

Aiding Plants to Grow

The main objective for a successful and productive cultivation is to help
lettuce CEA

Why consider CEA?

There are many factors such as productivity & predicatibility , environmental impact

Remote Detection & Control

Using our software you can be sure the conditions for optimal growth

Setting Up an Vertical Farm

Vertical farming is undoubtedly the most productive way of using each m2
Lightplan for vertical farming

Light: quality , quantity & source

Perhaps the most basic understanding of plants is that they do well