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Sealed Room or Ventilated Room – How to choose

Another way of calling it would be closed loop or open loop grow rooms. A sealed room (closed loop) has a minimum amount of air being exchanged with the exterior meaning that the air located inside the grow room is constantly being re-conditioned to your desired environmental conditions. Since the air is not being replaced and […]


Are all crops suitable for vertical farming?

In theory yes… in practice no! Vertical farming will not be able to compete with large production of cereals such as Corn, Wheat or Rice. The market sector of agriculture where Vertical Farming will excel is with the production of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and mushrooms on urban locations closer to the consumer such as […]

lettuce CEA

Why consider CEA?

There are many factors such as productivity & predicatibility , environmental impact concerns, logistics, lower risks, specialty crops and proximity to consumer, land and water scarcity. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) aims to provide the finest overall conditions for each crop and to keep it that way, which enables higher and faster productions per m2. This […]

Setting Up an Vertical Farm

Vertical farming is undoubtedly the most productive way of using each m2 to grow vegetables and leafy greens. There is no other cultivation method that can be compared to the water use efficiency of an indoor farm, where water just works in a cycle, as the transport method of nutrients and minerals. Vertical Farming in […]